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Let The H&H Group Create Effective Interior Signage for Your Business

The way your office or retail space looks like creates a first impression the minute a client or customer walks through the door. Why leave them with a lackluster experience when we can help you create custom interior signage like banners, wall graphics, business signs, pop-up displays, and more that evoke the image you want to present?

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Interior signage can elevate a space from forgettable to memorable, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors and translating into more business. Plus, interior signage showcases your creativity and the brand’s voice! At The H&H Group, one of our favorite forms of branding is interior signage because we know how valuable and practical it is, and we want to create signage for you that shows off your brand’s message.

Various Types of Interior Signage Create a Lasting Impression

The type of signage you choose can have just as much of an impact on the experience you create for your customers as your products themselves. The correct signage can create powerful memories for your customers, especially if they respond emotionally. A colorful cupcake brand logo splashed across an otherwise plain white wall inside a bakery or a beautiful mural with inspirational quotes can cause an emotional stir that sticks with your customers for years to come and gives them a fondness for your brand.

Signage can also act as a brand messenger, helping your customers and employees remember your values, mission, and standout qualities. Interior signage that displays this information in a dazzling, visually appealing way can be a positive way to help your employees remember what your branding is and help get the message to your customers.

The H&H Group has created all kinds of signage to help businesses craft a memorable moment among themselves, the customer, and their employees. We offer so many different interior signage options, including digital, for those who want an even more spectacular display of their brand’s messaging! Choosing something unique for your signage will ensure you stand out in the customer’s mind, helping to bring back repeat customers and remind your employees that there is great value in their work.

Let us help you bring the heart of your business to life with interior signage designed to capture your customers’ attention. It all starts with a simple consultation. Don’t wait—let’s talk today.

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Wall Graphics

A mural immediately captures the attention of visitors entering the door. Plus, when they leave, they will certainly remember it! This signage is a perfect tool for making your brand more memorable as it provides insight into company values and mission while also including a call to action.

Funnel Cakes

Banners & Flags

A well-placed banner or flag can be a fast, inexpensive addition to your interior space that instantly gives the customer something to engage with when they step into your building. We have lots of styles, colors, and options to choose from to match perfectly to your brand.

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Point of Purchase Displays

Make it easy for customers to know what’s on your menu and what each item costs with a clean, simple point of purchase display. This POP display’s simple, elegant cabinetry adds richness to the retail space while using a color scheme associated with the business for a cohesive look.

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Wayfinding Signage

Sometimes a simple interior sign works just as well as a more extravagant option! This freestanding unit alerts business center visitors to the locations and times of professional conferences, training events, forums, and tours. Wayfinding signs are inexpensive and easy to create.

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Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can be fun, informative, wayfinding, or a combination of each. These floor graphics on the sales floor create texture, color impact, and entertain visitors while engaging them and providing insights into the exhibit’s featured areas. Floor graphics can be just as engaging as other types of interior signage.

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ADA Signs

ADA signage is required in public facilities, but you shouldn’t feel like it needs to be a bland, government-issued sign. We provide ADA interior signage with raised letters and images and braille for visually impaired people to ensure you are ADA compliant and your customers can navigate your building easily.

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Dimensional Letters

Displays don’t have to be flat and one-dimensional—they can have the same amount of personality as your products! Here’s a great example of using dimensional letters to make a visual impact that impresses. Various sizes and custom colors are available to create memorable interior signage.

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When you want your business to stand out among the crowd, there’s no better way than creative, eye-catching signage. Not sure what works best with your business or want to brainstorm with the signage experts? Call The H&H Group today and let us help you figure out what kind of signage is best for you!

It has been a great privilege to work with some of the best businesses throughout Lancaster, PA, to create interior signage to help make their brands even more memorable. Our gallery below showcases some of our work, so you can get some ideas of what we can do for your brand!

Our design team provides colorful and effective solutions to clients every day. If you’d like to see more examples of our work, click here.


When you want beautiful custom interior signage for your business that conveys your brand as effectively as possible, you want to work with signage experts. At The H&H Group, we understand that proper signage isn’t just about highlighting a product; it’s about telling a story and creating a unique experience.

An employee from The H&H Group installs interior signage for a cupcake company.

We Take What We Do Seriously

When creating signage for a business, we make a tool to communicate the brand’s messaging to their customers. It’s a huge responsibility—one we do not take lightly! Our signage is high quality, unique, and designed to display your message perfectly.

We Value Our Relationships

Working with the great businesses that we do means we get inspired every day to create new, exciting things. There’s always room to learn, so we value maintaining positive relationships with companies to develop products that work for them. We want our experience creating interior signage to be just as fun and engaging for you as it is for us.

An image of signage created by The H&H Group for Notgrass History.
A computer desk is full of notes, pencils, and pens, and on the computer screen, there is a graphic that says, “design ideas.”

We Do What’s Right by You Every Time

You know how important effective signage is for your business, so we create the perfect signage every time to reflect precisely what you want to say. We will work with you to determine the best type of signage to use for your business and then create it for you promptly.