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Printing Services

Print marketing is experiencing a revival, and your business deserves the attention that comes with effective, tangible marketing tactics. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, consider print services! At The H&H Group, we specialize in printing services near you in Lancaster, PA. We produce high-quality custom pieces for almost every print collateral type on the market.


Are you looking for a printing service company to print high-quality marketing materials for you? Whether it’s brochures, catalogs, custom business cards, magazines, or restaurant menus, or you’re looking to print any other project or marketing materials, there’s a wide array of professional printing services for both large and small businesses to choose from. With The H&H Group’s state-of-the-art printing equipment and industry expertise, we ensure our printing services will help our Central PA customers achieve the marketing solutions they need to amplify their brand. Get more brand recognition and wow your potential customers with high-quality graphics on beautiful paper!

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Digital print services are a game-changer. When it comes to completing your projects quickly, digital printing offers incredible value and a wide variety of possibilities.

A huge advantage of digital printing is the high quality without the pre-press operations. Once you create your digital piece or design, it can be printed directly onto the product’s surface—your computer and printer do the prep work for you!

Less set-up means less cost and more flexibility. And digital print runs can be any size. From one hundred prints to a few thousand or more, there’s no print run too small or too large for digital printing to handle.

Find out what you can create with our digital services here.


When you need to produce advertising displays, consider large-format printing. Large format grabs attention at trade shows. It informs and impresses passersby with street-level advertising because of its substantial size and how easily the viewer’s eyes are drawn to a larger sign. Additionally, large-format printing can be a cost-effective marketing tool that yields high-end returns with minimal effort and minimal investment. Think large format when you want high-impact results without breaking the bank for a temporary or short-term event.

Large format signs include banners, window decals, posters, rigid signs such as acrylic, aluminum, gator board, foam core, and corrugated plastic for yard signs.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA


Whether you need one custom book printed or 1,000, The H&H Group can fulfill your book orders with print on demand (POD). With book printing shifting to POD over the last couple of decades, the exhaustive months-long preparation work and extensive set-up costs are things of the past.

Clients have used our versatile book printing services to create softcover books, hardcover books, spiral-bound books, perfect-bound books, and everything in between. We’ll work with you to plan and produce your book, whether it’s a shorter booklet or a longer piece. You will have support and collaboration every step of the way!

Get all the details about printing books here.

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When color reproduction is crucial in your printing needs, offset printing might be the solution for you! With offset printing, you get crisp images, controlled costs, and printing that’s suitable on many different surfaces, not just paper.

Offset lithography prints come from a static plate, meaning each impression is identical to the one before and the one after it. This is ideal for businesses who want a short to medium sized print run with vibrant graphics with clear lines.

Utilize offset printing for everything from business cards to inventory catalogs and many other types of print marketing in between. Get in touch with us today, or visit our offset printing page, to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Whether you are a small business owner or running a larger operation, you likely want to ensure your potential customers see your marketing materials to drive more sales. With printing services, you get a physical flyer, brochure, or other tangible items that let the receiver know you’re a serious business with what they need!

Our experts take the time to learn about your business and determine the best way to communicate your message through print. Unlike other print and marketing collateral companies, we can handle it all! Our marketing solutions include everything from business cards, brochures, displays, signs, and even book printing services. There’s no obstacle too challenging to get your project across the finish line. No matter what type of print products you need, The H&H Group is excited to partner with you!

You Can Rely on The H&H Group’s Process

When you are looking for the highest quality print work from a company that understands effective physical marketing methods, turn to The H&H Group. Short-run, quick-turn printing and signage are our specialty, but we can help with print runs of any size.

By welcoming the ever-growing quick-turn mentality, we’ve positioned ourselves to maintain our high-quality standards and ship your projects quickly to meet your deadlines without insisting on huge rush fees. As the world moves faster and faster, project timelines have become shorter and shorter. That’s why we are embracing the change and have streamlined our process to reflect today’s need for faster turnaround times.

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Step 1. Tell our experts about your business.

Tell us about your business, your goals for the print pieces, and any pain points you want to solve. We start every project with a conversation to align with you on your business goals. We can match your needs with the right print collateral and printing method.

Step 2. Create an incredible print piece today.

Whether you know what exact visuals you want or want our experts to help design the perfect piece, we work closely with your team to create custom marketing collateral. The sky is the limit!

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Step 3. We will help you deliver the marketing collateral to your customers.

Once the pieces have been printed, quick execution of the distribution plan is essential! We can deliver locally, ship the pieces to your location or your customer’s locations worldwide, or even place your materials straight into the mail through our direct mail services.


If your business has a message, it deserves to be heard. At The H&H Group, our design team is here to help you communicate that message loud and clear with attention-grabbing direct-response marketing materials. Let us show you the difference our marketing strategies can make for you!

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Direct mail marketing is just as powerful of a marketing channel for your business today as it ever was. When it comes to customer acquisition among B2C marketers, the direct mail advertising process has the most substantial ROI. This is especially true for local businesses like restaurants, rental communities, plumbers, dentists, or doctors. Direct mail is a tangible piece of marketing that the receiver can hold in their hands! That experience is much more memorable than a fleeting social media ad.

At The H&H Group, our team will help you leverage the power of direct mail marketing to communicate your message—clearly and effectively—to your audience base. Our design professionals are experts at what they do. Let them design eye-catching brochures, booklets, and postcards that will help to fuel your business growth.

Discover how our direct mail capabilities can benefit you here.

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If you present at trade shows or host industry events and are looking to attract as many new clients as possible—we’re here for you! We offer proven event marketing strategies. Our team can help you bring in more business, increasing your customer acquisition and increasing your revenue.

At The H&H Group, we’re a full-service event marketing agency. That means we can handle it all. From planning and execution through post-event follow-up—we’ll take care of every detail of your event to maximize your results.

Some of our printed event marketing materials include:
• Table Throws
• Banner Displays
• Banner & Flags
• Retractors
• Event Tents
• Signage

Learn more about our promotional strategies to get the most out of your next event here.


Have a printing services project that you’d like The H&H Group to help you tackle? We’d love to help! Please request a quote, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with pricing information.


“H&H is incredible. They crank out high quality work like it’s nothing. They are always so friendly and personable and you can tell they really care about you and your business. Will continue to go to them anytime I need them for a project.” –Karen L. via Google