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Event Marketing

See the difference our team can make for you!

Do you present at trade shows or host industry events to attract new clients? Get the most from your next event with proven event marketing strategies that bring in more business and boost your bottom line!

As a full-service event marketing agency, the experts at The H&H Group can handle every detail of your event from planning and execution through post-event follow-up to maximize your results.


Event Promotion

We can help you amplify your brand message with compelling graphics, messaging, and signage that draws more visitors to your event booth or kiosk

Monster Tree Services Display
Table Throws

Convert a simple table into a focused marketing tool, elevating brand recognition for your next trade show, meeting, or event.

banner stand for notgrass
Banner Displays

Provide eye-level advertising and branding with easy, lightweight, and portable displays for your product and service promotion initiatives.

Millersville Flags
Banner & Flags

The most cost-effective outdoor advertising that captures customer traffic through unique designs and movement.

roll up banner design

Self-contained, portable banner displays designed for easy travel while providing temporary advertising and branding.

Promotional Outdoor Event Trade Show Pop-Up Tent Mobile Marquee
Event Tents

Create a defined outdoor area while extending your advertising reach at community functions, sporting events and festivals.

portable sign for Kinseys display

Lightweight and portable signs that can be used in many different locations providing changeable customer communication.

The H&H Group is here to help!

Need help choosing the best event promotion tactics for your trade show or event display?

Event Giveaways

Looking for unique promotional giveaway items that keep your brand visible and top of mind to your visitors? Check out our catalog to browse potential giveaway options. Event Promotion Giveaway Ideas

Need help deciding on the right giveaway for your target audience? We can help you choose just the right items that attract attention and provide value to your prospects, so they aren’t easily discarded after your trade show or event ends. Contact us for details!