When Your Business Needs Wayfinding Signs, The H&H Group Can Help!

Have you ever walked into an event center and had no idea where to go? Have you ever been in an unfamiliar office building and wondered where to find the office you needed? As soon as your eyes locked onto the wayfinding signage in the room, you felt a sense of relief, and you were able to determine where you needed to go. Providing that sense of clarity for your customers is exactly why your company needs wayfinding signs!

Choose from Several Types of Wayfinding Signs for Your Business

Not all signage is the same or serves the same purpose. And when you need to help your customer successfully navigate your store or welcome new people into an unfamiliar building and ensure they get where they need to go, you need wayfinder signs. Interior directional signs, or any other wayfinding signage, can keep your customers happy and help them get to where they need to be to make a purchase. The easier they find the things they are looking for, the more money they will spend!

Just think about the last time you were at a grocery store with great signage or the last time you visited a clothing boutique and left in frustration after being unable to find what you wanted. Both instances were influenced by wayfinding signs, or lack thereof, and gave you an impression of future interactions with those businesses. And don’t you want your customers to always think positively of your business? If so, effective wayfinding signs are essential!

Identifying Wayfinding Signage

Signs that indicate you are in the right place are known as identifying interior wayfinding signage. An “order here” sign tells customers where to place their order, or an “express lane” sign” indicates which registers to go to for small orders. These signs are quick and to the point and can get your customer where they want to be, when they want to be there!

A busy store during the holiday season, with a large white ‘pay here’ sign over the general checkout area.
A yellow sign that has directions for the third floor, indicating where the room numbers are, with arrows.

Directional Wayfinding Signage

For those visiting your business for the first time, directional wayfaring signage is an excellent tool to help them navigate this new, unfamiliar place. You can use different signs to direct your customers around the location or help visitors navigate a building with multiple halls or stairwells, for example. Think of the arrows on emergency exit signs or the signs over a door that say “auditorium this way.” Those types of signs let you know where you need to go without much thought. Directional wayfinding signs can be just as helpful for your customers in your business!

ADA Wayfinding Signage

Safety and accessibility can be concerns for business owners. You want to ensure you are complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. This compliance means sometimes you must implement wayfinding signs that offer clear, easy-to-understand messaging to alert people to safety concerns or accessibility options. For example, you may implement a sign signaling that one of your bathrooms is larger to allow for wheelchair access.

An image of a bathroom sign indicating that there are accessible bathrooms for people with disabilities.
A sign that says “Fruits and Vegetables” hanging over the fruits and vegetables section at a grocery store.

Informational Wayfinding Signage

Signs can offer a lot of information to your customer. For example, if you have a large storefront, you might want signage hanging up over your aisles that gives the customer an easy point of reference for where your products are located. These signs can help minimize confusion and keep the store easier to navigate, making the purchasing process more streamlined.

Hallway of Plaques

Why Choose Wayfinding Signs?

You want your customers, clients, or visitors to enter your business and navigate it easily. Wayfinding signage can tell your clients which room a meeting will be held or alert your customers where the start of your checkout line begins.

Wayfinding signage can help you meet your business goals! Use interior signage to direct your customers around your business, use exterior wayfinding signage to help direct visitors to your events, or use a combination of the two. Ensure a seamless journey for your customer or client from start to finish, ensuring they spend their money with you and feel motivated to return.

Want to Use More Than One Type of Wayfinding Signage?

Whether you want to stick to one type or are excited about incorporating multiple types of wayfinding signage into your business, you deserve the best. When you’re ready to discuss your wayfinding signs needs and how to get the right ones for your company, turn to the experts at The H&H Group. Everything from interior wayfinding signage to hospital wayfinding signage is no challenge for our experts. Let’s get started on your project today!