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Event Wayfinding Signage: The Ultimate Checklist for Effective Event Marketing

Suppose you have an upcoming trade show, conference, or local corporate event. In that case, your goal as a marketing manager is to attract visitors to your exhibit with eye-catching event wayfinding signage. Event participants need to know where to find your tradeshow booth, and the signs need to grab their attention from neighboring displays. The right signage before, during, and after the event can help make the show a success.

Since the proper signage can make or break your event, you need a trusted marketing partner to produce the best invitations, banners, displays, signs, and graphics possible. Luckily, you’re in the right place! The H&H Group can work with you to produce all types of signs and trade show displays that fit your messaging and target audience.

Understanding Event Signage and Business Goals

Before you can start to plan for the event signage you need, you first need to understand the purpose of the displays and decide on business goals for the event. First, the purpose of event signage is to attract attention to your brand and make you stand out among the crowd of other exhibitors. They should convey your brand’s story and invite attendees into the story. Event wayfinding signage can direct people to you and make them feel welcomed.

Next, decide on business goals for the event. Do you want to promote your brand, a new campaign, or a new product? Choosing one business goal can help shape the messaging and graphics you create for your events banners and signs. A clear wayfinding strategy can also help people find your booth, so decide ahead of time what you want that strategy to be.

Pre-Event Signage Checklist

Long before the event actually starts, you need to begin planning your event marketing. As an event marketing specialties company, The H&H Group can help you maximize your event results with the following pre-event marketing materials:

  • Event Invitations – Sending mailed invitations to VIPs is a great way to offer a personalized touch and create excitement about your upcoming event.
  • Trade Show Display – Whether you go for a simple display that includes a 10-foot backdrop with brand messaging and graphics or a complex presentation that includes multiple tables and signs—planning and designing your trade show display should be a high priority before your event.
  • Brochures – Don’t forget to design and print flyers, brochures, and handouts for the event that encourages attendees to visit your booth and engage with your brand.
  • Logo Apparel – Order logo apparel, like shirts and name badges, for all booth staff to wear at the event to increase brand awareness.
  • Promotional Items – Having branded promotional products at your booth for attendees as a gift or prize leaves a lasting impression, so order some pieces for your event.

Need help designing and creating these pre-event marketing products? Contact The H&H Group to request pricing and schedule a free consultation to get started!

Event Signage Checklist

You’ve been preparing for this conference for months, and the day is finally here! At the event, you’ll want to make sure you have the following signs ready to point people in your direction:

  • Trade Show Display  – Ensure your trade show booth has arrived safely and there is no damage. Set up your display in plenty of time before people arrive at the event space.
  • Brochures – You printed flyers beforehand, but if the expected number of attendees has increased, be sure to print more to ensure you have enough.
  • Digital Displays – Digital signs provide lots of flexibility and can be reused for multiple events. Set up a touchscreen or interactive digital display to immerse your event attendees into your brand’s story.
  • Event Wayfinding Signage – Wayfinding signs, like floor graphics, banners, and posters, provide direction and information to guests. Use them to point guests to your booth and reassure them that they’re in the right place.
  • Indoor Signage – If your company is hosting the conference or event, you’ll also want to consider purchasing high-quality signs that indicate entry and exit points, wheelchair access, room spaces, restrooms, lounges, and cafeterias.
  • Outdoor Signage – Outdoor signage for temporary events like conferences should direct guests where to park, building names, and even floor decals for concrete or asphalt that show people where to go.
  • Selfie Frames – One fun way to engage participants and increase brand awareness is a branded selfie frame, which users can then share on social media.

We understand that this list of materials can be overwhelming to design. Luckily, you can contact The H&H Group for help with the design and fulfillment of all these materials for your event.

Post-Event Marketing Materials Checklist

All the preparation for your event paid off, and you can finally breathe again! Before you wrap up your conference and debrief on the results, there are a couple more post-event marketing signs to create:

  • Postcards – Send your VIPs or other guest attendees a post-event mailer that thanks them for coming and maybe even offers a discount code for your services.
  • Press Release – Recap the event with a press release that highlights the significant events and outcomes of the event.

When you need help designing these post-event marketing materials, contact The H&H Group!

The H&H Group is Your Source for Event Wayfinding Signage

Designing effective event wayfinding signage doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you need products for pre-event buzz, banner stands, and tradeshow booths for use during the event, or post-event thank-you cards, the H&H Group can help you with all your marketing material needs. Contact us today to get started and let us help you find success at your next conference or trade show.