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Marketing with 2020 Healthcare Trends in Mind: H&H Can Help Your Healthcare Business Get It Right

It’s no secret. Marketing for healthcare businesses is especially challenging. As a healthcare industry marketer for a care provider, insurer, or supplier, you have to keep up with broader healthcare trends to attract new patients, clients, or customers.

At the same time, you must ensure you’re always providing your audiences with precisely up-to-date information. And this can get expensive.

However, the good news is that the print marketing and fulfillment industries are more nimble than ever to help healthcare marketers keep up while reducing waste and containing associated costs.

Today’s post touches on some of the next big things coming down the road for healthcare trends and healthcare marketing as we enter a new decade, including some tips on how The H&H Group can help your business save money as you implement new marketing strategies and tactics.

On-Demand Printing Will Continue to Reduce Material Waste and Associated Costs

As we recently demonstrated in our case study about our work for healthcare industry supplier HCPro, rapidly changing regulation and compliance rules can create big headaches for healthcare marketers—and often a lot of physical waste, too.

Enter rapidly expanding print-on-demand services, which make it affordable to print just a few—or even one-off—copies of manuals, books, and other healthcare-related print materials. In the past, printers would need an order of tens or hundreds of such printed products for the printing costs to work for all involved. However, this created a lot of waste—as well as storage and disposal expenses—for healthcare publishers dealing with quickly changing information.

Luckily, as on-demand printing continues to get better all the time, this wastefulness will become a thing of the past for most healthcare marketers. Again, we encourage you to check out our success story about how we helped HCPro with print-on-demand services. Not only is it a good read, but you will also get a sense of the cost reductions that might be possible for your healthcare industry business, too!

Healthcare Marketers Will Build Campaigns Around This One New Buzzword

According to many industry sources, the healthcare word of 2020 and beyond is “wellness.” Think about it—fitness trackers are on so many people’s wrists these days, and that’s got more of us thinking about how healthy we are every day.

In fact, maybe your company has already begun running campaigns that incorporate fitness trackers. If not, it’s time to start! After all, insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield began a program in late 2018 to get its 60 million+ members significant discounts on Fitbit trackers. If even a fraction of their members takes advantage of these deals, that’s millions more Americans who will have begun focusing on their wellness within just the last year or so.

Going forward, the concept of individual wellness is predicted to shape all aspects of healthcare delivery in the coming years. Is it time to refresh your healthcare business’s branding with this in mind?

Nurturing Long-Term Relationships Remains Vitally Important

Last year, we published a blog post for our healthcare industry marketer friends that talked a lot about the value of long-term engagement and relationship-building with your audiences. These healthcare trends remain vital going into 2020—and will likely always be significant priorities for industry marketers.

Going along with the fact that “wellness” is the new healthcare watchword that will likely shape medicine in the coming years, patients and clients want to feel well cared for by their providers. And that means they crave a personal relationship with their doctors and even their medical insurance providers. Patients want to believe that the people caring for their health genuinely care about them as individuals, and marketers have a chance to win over audiences by speaking directly to this desire.

One of the best ways to connect is by building wellness-centered digital content to help create relationships with online searchers who may be consulting “Dr. Google” before checking in with real healthcare professionals. For instance, educational blog content can help pull in new patients who want to connect with an expert over their healthcare concerns.

Health System Consolidation Continues—Are Your Materials Up to Date?

If you’ve been a healthcare marketer for some time—or even if you’ve mostly been a patient, healthcare plan subscriber, or pharmacy customer in recent years, you’re familiar with how healthcare companies have been consolidating. This healthcare trend will continue, as product makers and other suppliers are now also getting in on the action begun by hospitals, health systems, and other care providers.

The pros and cons of this “bigger is better” approach throughout the healthcare industry are endlessly argued about. But one thing is true—if your business is acquired by another, you’ll be looking at a huge rebranding project. From signage at your physical locations down to providers’ business cards, all of your collateral will need to change.

Luckily, there are experienced resources—like us here at The H&H Group—who are ready to assist you with comprehensive rebranding. Right down to those business cards, brochures, and refreshing your physical spaces, we’re here to help.

The H&H Group Understands Healthcare Marketers’ Priorities

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable print marketing and branding partner, look no further. Help your healthcare business better engage with your client base while maximizing your budget by getting in touch with our experts at The H&H Group. We understand your unique marketing priorities—and pain points—in a particularly challenging industry.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you meet your marketing goals and staying in line with healthcare trends in 2020!