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Complete Printing Services for Central Pennsylvania

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
The H&H Group services central Pennsylvania and beyond by providing print, signs, and marketing support

The H&H Group has served its customers and the community since 1973. We help businesses just like yours meet and exceed the current and evolving needs of their customers, through our creativity, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a collaborative approach with our clients. Three core values guide our behavior in everything we do:

  • Relationships (others matter)
  • Integrity (doing what is right)
  • Problem solving (rising to the occasion)

If we sound like a company you’d like to do business with, give us a call at 866.338.7569 or send us a note –we’d love to chat. Even if you decide not to do business with us, we’ll learn something. And chances are you will too.

RELATIONSHIPS - Others matter
INTEGRITY - Do what is right
PROBLEM SOLVING - Rise to the occasion

Meet Our Team

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Mary Kohler

I have been in the company and industry a long time and I still love this place and what I do! I could not have asked for better people to work with or a better place to work.

My husband, Fred and I love going out to eat, hiking and reading. Our kids and grandkids are so much fun to be around. My dog, Gracie and I, stay active by going for walks around our neighborhood, playing ball. Life is good.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Mike Williams
Vice President

I try to make buying books, printed stuff, and signs enjoyable for folks who in the past have been frustrated with finding the best supplier.

Nicole Carbo
Nicole Carbo
Outside Sales

Print, Signs, and Marketing Consultant. Q is queen

Rick Eisenhart - Printing Near Me - Lancaster, PA
Rick Eisenhart
Outside Sales

Born and reared in York Co. married to Jennifer & father of three adult children Sefton, Faith, & Henry, caretaker of two dogs, three cats, two horses and one loveable goat named EllsBeth. A deep abiding love of cooking, reading, listening to vinyl, and time spent with the family.

Mark Deller
Outside Sales

Born and raised in York PA, 6 siblings, 1 wife, 2 step-sons, 3 amazing grandsons.

Loves family, church and exercise. Also enjoys working and serving customers to help their businesses grow.

John Singer
Wide Format Estimator

After working in the printing industry for a long time in many different positions I am thrilled to be a part of the team at The H&H Group as a wide format estimator.

The uplifting atmosphere here allows me to enjoy the process of estimating a project from concept to install.

I enjoy competitive road cycling and rail trail rides with my wife. We also enjoy spending time at the beach, the bay and with Max the cat.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Eric Hershey
Wide Format Project Coordinator

I am the wide format project coordinator. How am I doing, you ask? Not too bad.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Josh Rittenhouse
Marketing Director

I am in the estimating, customer service, and marketing departments. I love what I do as well as bicycling and woodwork in my spare time.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Jennifer Miller
Client Services Supervisor

I truly love working here, at The H&H Group! It is my goal to provide satisfaction to every customer, every day – both inside and out. Outside of work, I love spending time with my children - my son (a United States Marine) and my daughter (a York College Student), gardening, updating and renovating my house, hiking, visiting my parents and playing with my dog.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Deann Spitler
Client Services

My life revolves around my husband, our son and our dog Nash. When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as helping with animal rescue.

Nash the Shop Dog - Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Nash Spitler
Shop Dog

I was rescued from a bad situation and found my furever home at 6 months of age. I do my best to provide “Emotional Support” to the employees and in return they give me love, treats and chicken; which of course is my favorite.

Judy Kiely
Judy Kiely
Client Services

I joined our customer service team in 1997 and enjoy working on projects with our amazing clients! When I am not at work, you can find me on the tennis courts doing what I love, but my true passion in life is my husband, my daughters and my 6 granddaughters… and counting!

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Tonya Marburger
Client Services

I am one of the client service providers. I thoroughly enjoy this customer service stuff. I grew up in printing and love it too! Therefore, this is a win-win for me. My family is my world. When all else fails, turn to chocolate or skate it out!

Linda Liller - Printing Near Me - Lancaster, PA
Linda Liller
Client Services

I’ve been providing customer service for over 30 years. During that time I have developed many wonderful relationships with our clients.

Family life is very important and there is nothing better than a wonderful meal prepared by my husband. Of course the 3 smokers help! We also have a daughter and 2 adorable dogs.

Deb Williams
Deb Williams
Finance and HR Manager

My primary role at the H&H group involves all things finance and human resource related. My passion is helping others discover the best person that they can be. And some people say I can sing like anything.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Denise Schwebel
Accounts Receivable Associate

I have worked in the Billing Department at the H&H Group since 2012 and truly enjoy my job. When I’m not at work, I’m spending time with my husband, Dan, and our two daughters. Our favorite thing to do as a family is go to the Phillies and Barnstormers ball games.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Dan Schwebel

I am the estimator here and as the estimator, my main focus is to come up with the price for your project. When I am not crunching numbers, I enjoy cooking, watching Philly sports and spending time with my wife and 2 daughters in Landisville.

Nate Heisey
Nate Heisey
Operations Manager

I am responsible for the day to day operations, facility, production and production employees here at H&H. I love craft beer, Philly sports (Go EAGLES!) and enjoying life with my wife and our twin boys.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Drew Conner
Prepress and IT Supervisor

I am the pre-press and IT go to guy. I have 4 kids and 4 grandchildren as well as our dog “Lady,” a Black English Labrador; all living in one house, our “Full House.” I thoroughly enjoy fishing and getting away to AC concerts whenever I can.

Megan O’Neill - Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Jeremiah Eastep
E-Commerce Administrator

Gracefully-aging punk rocker. Insatiable reader. Brewer. Adventurer. Father of two auspicious offspring. Husband of one awesome nurse.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Alexis Joop
Prepress Designer

After countless years of creating art using every medium that I could find, I pursued and furthered my career in the graphic design industry by attending the Art Institute of York-Pennsylvania.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Will Rummel
Wide Format Supervisor

I have been with the company since 2008. In 2013, I was given the opportunity to take the team lead position in the Wide Format department and this is where I have been ever since.

In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy watching and playing sports, landscaping to make my house look nice and I absolutely love my family and spending time with them.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Maggie Clauser-Markes
Wide Format Designer

I have the best job in the entire company - I get to use my creativity to design and build custom signage and 3-dimensional displays & packages. I am obsessed with music and collecting music memorabilia. My children have fur, feathers, and scales.

Matt Hershey
Matt Hershey
Wide Format Operator

Signage is my business... and business is good.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Mark McLain
Wide Format Operator

I am known to some here as “The Old Timer”. Currently I am learning new skills in the Wide Format department. My interests outside of work have come to include meditation and yoga.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Alan Martin
Offset Press Operator

I am the offset pressman; smell the blanket wash and get a little ink on your fingers.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Doug Deibler
Print Production Supervisor

Ask me about politics, ice hockey, camping trips with my family (sometimes involving a fire) and other fun things like that.

Sherri Davis
Sherri Davis
Digital Press Operator

I am the black and white digital press operator.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
John Potts
Digital Press Operator

I am a digital press operator and bindery operator here.

Skids=Furniture. Just ask me.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Edie Hutton
Bindery Handwork

I am the fastest bindery hand worker around.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Jen Doran
Bindery Operator

I am family oriented as well as the crazy cat lady who loves to read and craft in my spare time.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Nate Weidinger
Bindery Operator

The culture and environment at The H&H Group is what keeps me going on a day to day basis. I enjoy coming to work and I love constantly learning new things about the printing industry.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Mike Doran
Bindery Supervisor

I enjoy cooking and home brewing. I love cats. And I especially love working side by side with my wife each and every day.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Joe Raver
Mailing Supervisor

I have been working in close proximity to all things postal for over 30 years.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Jess Wadsworth
Fulfillment Coordinator

I am the fulfillment coordinator at the H&H Group. I graduated from Manheim Township High School and I studied early education at Harrisburg Area Community College.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking and sitting around the campfire with my two kids. In what free time I have left, I thoroughly enjoy planning, as well as hosting, parties for my family and friends.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Tabitha Valleau
Fulfillment/Shipping Supervisor

I am the fulfillment and shipping supervisor. I thrive with helping people grow and improve. There is nothing better than that. Well, maybe my daughter! :)

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Jaye Crist
Fulfillment Associate

Years and years and years of print, mail, fulfillment and communications industry experience.

When I’m not working, I am still working, just working on various pottery, painting and photography projects. I also love to get out into the community and I help where I can with volunteering at different non-profit foundations and organizations.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Clay Brantner
Delivery Driver

I work in fulfillment and delivery. I graduated from Ephrata High School where I enjoyed playing basketball and writing.

When I am not at work, on the court, writing or gaming, there is a very high probability that you will be able to find me watching the back of my eyelids. I do love my sleep.

Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA
Brett Zercher

I handle almost all things shipping related. I enjoy Flyers hockey, Cowboys football, and fast cars and trucks (nothing is ever too fast).

OCMD is my second home with family and friends. I spend as much of my outside of work time, there as possible.