An image of blank products that can be branded and made into promotional items.

Why Does It Matter What Custom Branded Apparel and Products My Business Uses?

Imagine that you’re at a festival in a city nearby. You notice a tent where people are handing out custom branded apparel and other products, and you decide to stop by and see what they have to offer. Sure, maybe you already have enough pens at your desk, but a free item is still a free item! However, when you get to their stand, you realize they are a dog grooming business handing out branded chocolate bars.

Even though you can enjoy that chocolate later, it’s not a very good choice for a dog groomer. After all, dogs can’t eat chocolate, and you’ll throw the wrapper away after you eat the candy, ensuring you forget all about the company and making an appointment for your dog there once the sweet treat is gone. This item has no lasting power for the groomer.

As a business owner, you don’t want to make a choice that turns potential customers away from your business. Choosing the right promotional products can help you make a lasting impression and may act as a type of advertising to spread the word about your business. When you want the best promo products on the market, you need to work with The H&H Group. We understand what your audience wants and can help you determine what promo products are right for your business.

Why Promotional Products?

There’s no question that people love physical promotional products, despite so much of our lives now existing in the digital realm. Custom branded apparel and other items can attract more people to your business when passed out as gifts to potential customers. Plus, these products can even encourage those who are already customers to spend more money with you.

Promotional products, sometimes called “swag,” build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. When someone receives a promotional gift from you, they associate you with a positive interaction, which makes them feel good about your brand and company. This feeling can keep bringing them back for more positive experiences for years to come if done correctly and may even encourage them to promote your business to others organically.

People generally keep their promotional products until they are no longer helpful, and many will then pass them along to someone who might like the items. Research indicates that more than 50% of people who receive a promotional product will keep it from one to four years! This lifespan is excellent for an item that can help increase your reach to more people, even those you haven’t interacted with personally yet.

How to Choose the Best Custom Branded Apparel and Products

There are plenty of wonderful choices out there for promotional branded products, which can make choosing a bit overwhelming. When you are deciding on a promotional product or products, you need these two things:

  1. Understanding your target audience and what they like or would find useful.
  2. A budget to determine how much you can spend on your promotional materials.

When you know what your target audience looks like and how much you are willing to spend, it is much easier to pare down your options and find something your audience will love to receive. Breweries often opt for stickers, shirts, and koozies because their audience typically loves memorabilia that they can show off to their friends. Meanwhile, professional offices might opt for branded notebooks and pens to distribute because a sticker might read as unprofessional in that environment.

Picking something that matches your brand’s energy can also be helpful. If you are a business that loves playfulness, you might go for holographic company logo stickers. For a company that prioritizes a clean, professional demeanor, you might choose branded dress shirts for your staff. The choice is up to you!

It Matters What Promo Items You Give Out

Just like the exercise in imagination at the beginning of this article demonstrates, choosing the wrong promotional gifts for your business can create a less than ideal reaction in the potential customer, even if it is a free item. Confusing your audience is not a great way to build lasting relationships with them.

Branded nail clippers could have been a wise option for the dog groomer to hand out instead of a chocolate bar. Every time you clipped your own nails, you would have been reminded of the dog groomer service and triggered a reminder for yourself to call them for your pet.

Another option could have been a drawstring bag, which may have been a more appropriate item to distribute, especially considering that the audience the groomers are targeting goes for walks with their dogs. A drawstring bag would have been an excellent option to store water bottles and snacks for those long walks where a snack and water break are necessary to stay on course!

Need Help Choosing Custom Branded Apparel and Products to Distribute?

When you want to make a lasting impression on potential customers, promotional products can go a long way for a relatively small investment. However, choosing the right custom-branded apparel and other products doesn’t have to be difficult. When you work with The H&H Group, we can help you determine which promotional branded products will work best for your business and get them to you quickly.

In previous years, you may have felt more comfortable waiting until a few weeks before an event or even procrastinating your orders until the last minute. Still, this year, with supply chain issues and shipping delays, you should place your orders as soon as possible if you have set a date for when you need your products, like for a trade show or other event. Get a jump start on your promotional gifts for all your holiday giveaways and corporate parties now! Contact us today to start.