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Want To Give Corporate Promotional Products as Holiday Gifts? Here’s What You Should Know!

The holiday season is known for camaraderie and a feeling of togetherness. As a business owner, you want to ensure your employees feel valued and bolster some more community engagement. So, you decide that corporate promotional products will help you with both those goals! But what gifts will relay the message that you appreciate your team’s hard work and want to thank them for all they do?

The H&H Group understands the importance of choosing the right promotional products to get your gratitude across while offering something your team finds useful and thoughtful. We are familiar with that delicate balance, and we would love to help you explore more of your options here!

The Difference Between a Gift They Need and a Novelty Gift

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of everything you can personalize for corporate promotional products. The possibilities are endless: drink koozies, lanyards, a coffee mug, sticky notes, and even calculators! However, choosing appropriate promotional gifts for the holidays can be a challenge for those who don’t know how to gift something meaningful to their colleagues or employees.

A novelty gift is something you can expect your team to get a good laugh at, or maybe something that reminds them of an office-wide inside joke. These can be fun but won’t necessarily convey the gratitude you feel for your team. This group has worked hard all year; you should reward them with a truly thoughtful gift that expresses your thanks for all their effort. It would help if you chose a present they need and will treasure instead of a forgettable novelty.

Why Choose Apparel?

Corporate branded apparel has many benefits extending beyond being a fun addition to your employees’ wardrobes. Much like our discussion of corporate promotional apparel, these custom promotional products can help your team bond over what they have in common and provide a conversation piece for those outside the company. These double benefits contribute to your company’s overall impression on the people who interact with your brand.

Plus, when you choose the right apparel options, they are cool! People love wearing the brands they care about, and as an employer who cares about their workers, you want them to care about your company, too. Choosing a sleek, light jacket or a stylishly cut shirt can make the wearer feel good about what they are wearing and how they are wearing it, logo included.

Are You Thinking About Corporate Branded Pens?

Pens are a classic corporate promotional product. Depending on your industry, they may be a great option without appearing as too cliché a gift. If you run a marketing company, have a team of writers, or are in sales, a pen is a thoughtful gift that your team will treasure, especially if it is a bit fancier than a standard ballpoint pen.

A journal is a perfect complementary gift to go along with a pen. It’s an addition that any receiver is likely to appreciate. Plus, journals are multi-faceted, and the receiver may use them for everything from journaling to taking notes in an office setting, making them a gift that works well in several ways!

What About Water Bottles?

Staying hydrated is essential for everyone, and a high-quality product like a corporate logo promo water bottle can be the right gift for your employees, especially if you keep a water cooler in the office. A water bottle is a lasting item to use every day, so you will find that your employees continue to appreciate it for a long time, not just for a few days or weeks. Each time they refill the water bottle, they will be reminded of your generosity and feel good about working for your company.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift?

Despite having your company logo branded on the item, giving these gifts is not about your company or your desires. Instead, choosing the right gift should come from understanding what your employees want or need. It might not make sense for a doctor to gift their interns with apparel, especially when they are constantly in uniform that is likely already branded. Instead, a more thoughtful gift would be a custom branded lanyard where they could attach their work IDs and a branded notebook for all their notes on their desired profession. This gift would help them feel like they truly belonged on the team.

Different promotional products work for various industries, and what you need might be the exact opposite of what the company right next to yours chooses. For example, if you are a tech company, something like a branded power bank might be the perfect gift. That wouldn’t work so well if you ran a restaurant and wanted to discourage your employees from using their technology at work. It’s all about fitting in with your team’s brand and needs!

Let Us Help You With Your Corporate Promotional Products!

However, the most important part of ordering corporate promotional products for your company is not limited to choosing the right items. It’s also ordering early enough! Now is the time to start thinking about and ordering for the holidays. Due to supply chain issues and shipping times, it’s important to start ordering much earlier than you would have previously!

When you work with The H&H Group for corporate promotional products and corporate branded apparel needs, you can rest assured that we have the products your employees want and will value for years to come. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you choose the right gifts for your upcoming holiday celebrations.