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The Benefits of Protective Face Shields/Guards in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The H&H Group understands the COVID-19 pandemic presents every business with unique challenges. Our blog content is here to help you face them!

Up until this point during the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, face masks have been getting the most attention as essential PPE (personal protective equipment). Hopefully, you now own several face masks and are wearing them every time you leave home to discourage the virus’s spread in the name of public health and to stay healthy yourself.

However, as Central Pennsylvania—and the rest of the USA—begins the process of getting back to business in the coming months, employees beyond the healthcare sector need to become familiar with other PPE, too. This includes plastic face shields (also called face guards), as well as space shields and guards. Additionally, as we begin to spend more time with others—even at a safe social distance—we will all need more face masks.

Today’s blog post gives you a little more info on why face shields and guards should now be considered necessary PPE for your workers, no matter what business you’re in. We’ll also review some options for creating physical dividers between desks and other spaces in your office and show you how The H&H Group can help you obtain all of these COVID-19 essentials and more!

Why Should Workers Wear Face Shields/Guards?

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times cited new research that shows how face shields may be a smart addition to the general public’s PPE arsenal beyond simply donning face masks. After all, most face masks are meant to be more of a protective measure to benefit others around the wearer than to actually protect the wearer from contracting the coronavirus or other infectious diseases during this difficult time.

Face shields will better protect the wearer, as they keep the eyes protected and establish a hard barrier in front of the face. Plus, they tend to stop people from touching their faces as much—unlike when they’re only wearing a mask. The physical barrier of a face shield acts as a reminder not to touch your face. (Think about the old “tie a string around your finger” trick to help you remember something important—it’s much like that!)

Lastly, if your employees are on the front lines of serving customers in your business, they could potentially be exposed to others who are not wearing masks at all, or who are wearing them incorrectly. The face shield or face guard presents an easy, affordable additional line of defense against contact with potentially inconsiderate customers.

What About Other PPE in Our Non-Healthcare Business?

Some people feel better right now wearing surgical or other single-use gloves while away from home. However, most businesses will do better to concentrate on creating physical space between their employees, as well as between employees and customers. (Plus, there is still a need to conserve some PPE items—like gloves—for frontline healthcare workers.)

The best way to do this is with space dividing barriers like desk guards, as well as visual cues for social distancing, such as floor graphics and signage. While not technically PPE, these essentials can work together in the physical environment with the masks and face shields we wear to keep everyone as safe as possible.

You can shop our ready-made solutions for COVID-19 signs and more right now right here on our website!

Do We Really Need Desk Guards in Our Office?

Desk guards may not be right for every business, but those with open plan office setups will certainly want to consider these easy-to-clean and sanitize acrylic barriers. Especially in areas where desks can’t be moved at least six feet apart for proper social distancing, desk guards create a physical barrier between coworkers that can stop the spread of respiratory droplets that carry COVID-19 and other tranmissble germs.

Additionally, desk guards can be used at reception or other public-facing counters or windows in some businesses. Our desk guards are made right here in Lancaster, PA, and can be custom-sized to your needs!

My Employees Also Need More Masks, What Should We Do?

While we all have our own personal mask collections at this point, your employees will appreciate your help with providing additional masks for them to wear—and change out—throughout the workday.

And, did you know that these masks can do a little marketing for you, too? That’s right—we can customize your face masks with your company’s logo and colors! Just give us a call to get started or upload your files here on the website—we’ll let you know if we have any questions about your face mask order.

Get Back to Business with The H&H Group—We’re Here for You!

Here at The H&H Group, we want to support your business as you get back to work and establish “a new normal.” We’re a proud locally-owned business here in Lancaster, PA, and we know what you’re going through.

Get in touch with us today to talk through marketing ideas during these unprecedented times, or simply shop our COVID-19 business essentials online now. And stay safe out there!