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Print Your Own Product Labels

Durable and easy to work with, our printable labels are a must for any woodworking shop or other manufacturer that needs to identify and keep track of a range of materials, pieces, and parts.

Printing labels in-line gives you a reliable labeling and identification method that results in accurate tracking after the saw.

We stock a wide selection of printable labels to meet your specific needs. By specializing in printable panel saw labels, we fill a niche for businesses needing versatile label options for wood and other materials.

Our panel saw labels are perfect for any product surface, including raw wood, plywood, melamine, particle board, plastic, glass, MDF, and more.

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Custom Printable Label Features

Since 1988, the H&H Group has been serving the labeling needs of panel saw users. Through ongoing R&D across a wide variety of applications, we have curated a special selection of labels specific to this industry.

We make it easy to create custom labels directly at the saw complete with identifying information, barcodes, or whatever else makes sense for your workflow. With printable labels, you’re in charge!

Our labels are available in any adhesive type you need, including permanent, removable, and ultra-removable (re-positionable).

Our removable, ultra-removable, and re-positionable labels leave no residue when the labels are removed. The printable surface of each of our labels is perfectly paired with the correct adhesive for your application. Surface options include thermal transfer and direct thermal.  Material options include polyester and plain paper.


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We can also match you with the correct ribbon to ensure you get quality printing from your label printer every time. We offer several different types of ribbons depending on your needs, including wax, resin, and blend.

Matching the correct ribbon is paramount for successful quality printing and is especially critical when using barcodes on your labels.

Custom-order labels with preprinted color blocks are also available.

These are great for identifying items at a glance.

For fast labeling and reliable identification at all points in your process, count on quality labels from the H&H Group!

Order Thermal Transfer Labels

We have the following items in stock and ready to ship. Our labels ship in 24 hours.







TT34R636A 3×4 label blank removable adhesive 1000/ROLL 4″
TT458P 4×5/8 label blank permanent adhesive 4000/ROLL 3″
TT458R 4×5/8 label blank removable adhesive 4000/ROLL 3″
TT42R 4×2 label blank removable adhesive 2750/ROLL 3″
TT42R636 4×2 label blank removable adhesive 2750/ROLL 3″
TT43R636 4×3 label blank removable adhesive 2000/ROLL 3″
TT42UR1N 4×2 label blank repositionable adhesive 2750/ROLL 3″
TT43UR1N 4×3 label blank repositionable adhesive 1800/ROLL 3″
Z500TT450 4″wide ribbon wax/standard removable adhesive 450 meters

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We also offer custom labels for any application. Contact us for pricing!