Get Perfect Printable Labels Every Time with The H&H Group

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Durable and easy to work with, our printable labels are a must for any woodworking shop or other manufacturer that needs to identify and keep track of a range of materials, pieces, and parts.

Printing labels in-line gives you a reliable labeling and identification method that results in accurate tracking after the saw.

We stock a wide selection of printable labels to meet your specific needs. By specializing in printable panel saw labels, we fill a niche for businesses needing versatile label options for wood and other materials.

Our panel saw labels are perfect for any product surface, including raw wood, plywood, melamine, particle board, plastic, glass, MDF, and more.

Custom Printable Label Features

Since 1988, the H&H Group has been serving the labeling needs of panel saw users. Through ongoing R&D across a wide variety of applications, we have curated a special selection of labels specific to this industry.

We make it easy to create custom labels directly at the saw complete with identifying information, barcodes, or whatever else makes sense for your workflow. With printable labels, you’re in charge!


Our removable, ultra-removable, and re-positionable labels leave no residue when the labels are removed. The printable surface of each of our labels is perfectly paired with the correct adhesive for your application. Surface options include thermal transfer and direct thermal.  Material options include polyester and plain paper.


printer ribbon

We can also match you with the correct ribbon to ensure you get quality printing from your label printer every time. We offer several different types of ribbons depending on your needs, including wax, resin, and blend.

Matching the correct ribbon is paramount for successful quality printing and is especially critical when using barcodes on your labels.

Our Process

Your business needs to stand out in a market that is oversaturated and overwhelming for the customer. When you want to make something exceptionally memorable, having the correct printable product labels on your products can produce brand engagement that not only draws customers in but keeps them engaged.

Printable labels can also act as a tool to help your clients identify and keep track of what they’ve received from you. We create custom labels for all our customers to match their unique needs. We are also pleased to be leaders in label printing for wood and other applications where it’s necessary to keep track of materials, pieces, and parts. Our process can be broken down into three easy steps.

An illustration of a person holding a giant pencil as he draws his branding story for another person who is sitting at a desk

1. Tell Us Your Branding Story

Your company is represented through its branding story. It tells your mission, values, and what you do, and you can use your labels as a part of that story. When you tell us your brand story, we can work together to craft labels that say something unique about your brand to your customer or on your production line.

If you are a cabinet manufacturer who wants labels to help identify cabinet parts as they are being built, we have suitable labels for that. Or, if you are a company that needs pre-designed labels for a final product, we can create the perfect label for you. We’ll deliver a printable product label unique to your products and needs, no matter your business.

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2. We Take Your Story and Bring it To Life

Labels can tell your customers a lot about your company. For example, a toy company might want extremely colorful removable labels to show off their playful side and say to the customer, “We are fun and creative! Our products will help you feel carefree and joyful.”

You could then repurpose the labels as stickers for a child’s notebooks. Similarly, a wine company might opt for a simple, plain-colored permanent label to signal their product is elegant and meant to pair with a fine meal. When you work with The H&H Group, you will get printable labels that can successfully encompass your brand’s message.

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3. We’ll Help to Get Your Story to Your Customers

Even if someone is unfamiliar with your brand, the labels you use on your products can tell them something about your company. When you have beautiful, high-quality labels, you tell the potential customer that you care about what your products look like in their business or home.

Even canned vegetables can have tags that make or break a sale. When your printable labels speak to the customer’s tastes, you can position yourself as the superior creator of the product in your market. Contact us at The H&H Group, and we will help you find suitable labels for your business.

Custom-order labels with preprinted color blocks are also available.

These are great for identifying items at a glance. For fast labeling and reliable identification at all points in your process, count on quality labels from The H&H Group!