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The Heartbeat of Lancaster

There are many reasons why our company loves being a part of the Lancaster community. One of the leading reasons is the heartbeat of this community. Our city and surrounding areas are filled with businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals willing to dream big for our community and take action to make those dreams come true. Great communities don’t just happen. They take a lot of hard work and commitment.

The Lancaster Chamber

One organization we believe stands at the forefront of this heartbeat is our local chamber of commerce. The Lancaster Chamber provides the mechanisms, space, and opportunities for dreams to become realities. The Lancaster Chamber recognizes the importance of the business community in the lives of our local citizens. Our citizens are our workforce – past, present, and future – and their success is critical to our own success as businesses. With this realization and vision, the Lancaster Chamber has new initiatives that are leading the way for workforce development. It will be exciting to see where these programs will take our community in the years to come.

Chamber Resources

The H&H Group appreciates the resources that the Lancaster Chamber provides. The Chamber offers an opportunity for us to get involved in the local commerce and to work towards positive change both as a company and as individuals. The Chamber’s many events are valuable for building a network of resources: relationships, services, knowledge, and even inspiration. Mentoring programs help our employees to grow as leaders and are a great benefit for students enrolled in the program. These students are our next generation of employees and business leaders. The Lancaster Chamber also provides hiring support through job fairs and its network of members. Another benefit that is a huge advantage for us is the opportunity to participate in Chamber-sponsored training sessions throughout the year.

The Chamber’s Strength

Long story short, The H&H Group is a raving fan of the Lancaster Chamber. For our Lancaster neighbors who are not already involved, we encourage you to check it out. If you are not in the Lancaster area, consider looking into your own local chamber. Each chamber’s strength is drawn from the number of businesses that are involved. Your added support and voice will make your chamber even stronger.

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