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A Bucket List

The one thing I always tell people I want to do before I die is travel and see the world. I want to experience what life is like in a one-road town where everybody knows everyone and everything. Yet I would love to live in an apartment with a view of an entire city. I would relish the opportunity to curl up and relax as I watch people rushing around to unknown destinations.

I guess you could say that one thing on my bucket list is to live in a skyline apartment in a huge city and another thing on my bucket list is to live in a small, one-road town.

One destination on my world tour would be a country where the primary language is Spanish. Being embedded in a Spanish-speaking country, learning the culture and way of life has been a dream of mine since I was 17 and I discovered my love and natural affinity for the Spanish language.

Another bucket list item is to write a book, my book, my story, about my life. The words are in me and never stop shrieking to be let out. As the world grows louder and the pressures, demands, and stresses of daily tasks grow higher I find it increasingly difficult to get the stories from behind my eyes onto paper. I feel like all that I ever have time to do anymore is run and race to reach some new milestone. My mind seldom has the opportunity to create. Yet as I reach that something new, there always seems to be a greater, larger, more difficult task that awaits.

The issue with all this racing is that it always seems to be taking place at a pace other than my own. Is this all that life is meant to be, running a wild and crazy race in which I seldom create, always at someone else’s pace?

Which leads me to my main bucket list item. To run the race at my own pace with no damper on what I can do or what I can create.

This bucket list comes with self-doubt and stumbling blocks. I tell myself I will start this journey in a year. I just need enough. Enough money, enough time, enough courage. But enough never comes. While I wait and work towards the day that I can finally achieve all that I want to be and do all the things I dream of doing, my bucket list will continue to grow.

Do you have dreams you’re chasing? A bucket list of your own? Start a conversation in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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You need to take the time now, while you are young, and write your story. As we get older, time goes faster. Each year passes by quicker than the year before. In a blink of an eye we are the “older generation”, not believing we are here and our youth has slipped by us. You have a knack for writing, this article I enjoyed.

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