U-GRO Lounge


The Challenge:

U-Gro, a leading preschool learning center, was expanding their facility. They wanted to create an exciting environment for the new space, and freshen up their existing space as well.

U-Gro Lobby U-Gro Wall

The Solution:

We worked with U-Gro’s internal directors and a third-party design firm to create cohesive, one-of-a-kind graphics that would unify spaces throughout the facility and appeal to kids, staff, and parents.

Owl Design on Wall U-Gro Sitting Room

After deciding on a nature theme, we developed bright, fun graphics for all of the hallways and common areas. Our team recommended a variety of eye-catching materials keeping in mind that the lower areas—eye-level to the curious preschooler—needed to be extra durable.

Owl Design on Wall Monkey Wall Design

We started out testing the substrates in a small section of the school. Then, working under the approaching deadline of new enrollment, we installed the full portfolio of murals & dimensional signage throughout the building.

Bear Design on Wall Tiger Design on Wall


Success! The kids and staff love their bright, inspiring space.

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