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What type of vehicle graphics are right for you?

Video Transcription:

[Mary Kohler begins] Sometimes you just need new ideas. Hi, I’m Mary Kohler, president and CEO of The H&H Group. The H&H Group is a print, signs, and marketing company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Here to talk to you about your opportunity with vehicle graphics is Mike Williams.

[Mike Williams begins] Thanks, Mary. Let’s talk about vehicle graphics. Vehicle graphics are a form of outdoor advertising. Just like billboards, bench graphics, and taxi cab ads. You know the exact excellent example of fleet graphics. You know companies like U-Haul and Penske, and your local plumber, because you’ve seen their advertising right on their vehicles.

They’re basically two types of vehicle graphics. There are full wraps, and partial vehicle graphics. The advantages of full wraps are they really have that wow factor. They’re usually very vibrant in colors and can even be seen from space. You can take your old paint job and completely renew it with full wraps, and as an added bonus, you get the most bang for the buck with full coverage from bumper to bumper, even across the windows. The downside is that it can be very pricey. Thousands of dollars depending on the size of your vehicle and the graphic, and it can be a challenge if you have a brand color that needs to be consistent across the metal to the glass.

Partial vehicle graphics, on the other hand, are a small to moderate investment, and they use your car’s natural color as the base, then you just apply the graphic on the outside. It can still be very splashy, and appealing, and it has the added benefit of you can change just one element like a telephone number or a website address. The downside they’re not a vehicle wrap, and vehicle wraps are pretty cool.

Thanks for talking to me about vehicle graphics today.

[Mary Kohler continues] Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule today. Remember when you’re thinking about marketing services, printing, or signs, think H&H.