Tips For Personal Improvement


Henry David Thoreau

I learned this from my Sandler Sales training coach. The letter “I” stands for Identity. The letter “R” stands for role. Both are rated on a scale of 1 (lowest score) to 10 (highest score). Let’s talk about your ROLE first. You have lots of roles. You are a son or daughter, spouse, brother or sister, friend, co-worker, dog or cat owner, driver, grocery shopping line waiter. You get it – you have lots and lots of roles. When you rate your role(s) today, if you kicked the dog, you are certainly not a 10 out of 10. If you were a safe and considerate driver, you were probably a 10. Get it? OK, so with your ROLE you can fluctuate in your score day to day. Now let’s talk about IDENTITY. With your identity, you are a “10” all the time. You were created as a 10. YOU are an “I-10”. So even if you mess up today in your role, you can say to yourself, but I am still a good person, even if I dropped the ball as a sister/brother or mother/father. My identity is still a 10 even if I acted like an idiot in the line at the grocery store.

Why does this matter? Why this gibberish about I and R? Well, this is life changing folks. This theory can change your outlook on your life and your family. When you learn this, you will treat others as though they are an I-10. So when your kid gets a D on a test, you know he or she is still a “10”, even if his role at school was less than a 10. When a co-worker messes up, he or she is still an I-10, even if their role was a 5 today.

If you want to talk more about this, please feel free to call anyone at the H&H Group and we can discuss it with you. And remember, we know you are an I-10!!!

2. Learn to say “no”

3. Platinum rule

4. Relationships

5. Books and People – keep learning

(we will be elaborating on each tip in the months to come, please check back!)