“Every problem is a gift — without problems we would not grow.”

― Anthony Robbins

What is a sales funnel? It is an active list of prospects, or “suspects”, that you can use on a regular basis to gain new customers. Imagine a kitchen funnel. You pour ingredients into the top. The ingredients need to work their way down into the more narrow part to pass through. With prospecting, you will likely have many prospects at the top of your funnel. As you communicate with them and determine that they are a good prospect, the good ones will move lower into the funnel. Only the good prospects, the ones that match your ideal client profile, will make their way down even lower in your funnel until they hopefully turn into a buying customer. With a sales funnel, you have prospects to be talking to all the time. It is better than not having any prospects to be working.

And after you build the sales funnel, keep working it.
Much success with your sales funnel and sales efforts.

2. Hire a (another) sales person

Want to/ need to grow the top line – your revenue? We all need to grow revenue if for no other reason than there will be business attrition. Some of your customers will go out of business, move, be bought, or die (it’s a reality). When that happens you stand a good chance of losing top line dollars. Last time we talked about building a sales funnel. This time your tip is to hire a sales person. If you already have a sales person or people, hire more. If and when you do hire a sales person, consider how you will manage and train them. One of the things we do here at The H&H Group is have a weekly tracker that the sales people turn into our sales manager, Mike, at the beginning of the week and then on Friday there is follow up on it. Want to see what it looks like? Click Here to find a copy of the weekly tracker we use.

3. Diversify

4. Utilize MIS/CMS software

5. Form partnerships

6. Consider global platforms

7. Acquire another business

8. License or franchise your business

9. Market

(we will be elaborating on each tip in the months to come, please check back!)