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Elements That Make for Great Trade Show Displays

By: Dawn EZ

Making sure you stand out at a trade show is essential to making it a successful one for your business. In a sea of competing colors and booths, your exhibit design needs to be unique from the competition. At the same time, you also want to make sure that the message you’re trying to send is a clear—and memorable—one and that anyone walking by knows what your business is about.

Time and time again, we see a lot of businesses struggle with creating successful trade show displays. At H&H Group, we want to help your booth stand out with professional event signage. Our pop-up displays, wall coverings, floor graphics, and kiosks are only a few of the items that we can create for your next trade show event.

To make your booth as successful as it can be, we’re also offering up a few tips to optimize trade show exhibiting for your business. Read on!

Remember to Keep Your ONE Goal in Mind

The first thing you should be asking yourself when starting the design process of your trade show display is, “What is my goal?” Whether you’re increasing your brand awareness, pushing a new campaign, or promoting a new product, you should know the answer.

Not only do you want to know your goal, you want to limit it to one. Having more than one goal or idea could muddy up the rest of the design process. Keeping it limited will help your business’ exhibit design stay focused and clear. You want people to walk away from your booth knowing exactly what you are all about.

Create Your Brand’s Story

You and your employees all know what your business and brand are about, but how do you convey that to potential customers or clients with just visuals?

It’s not always simple, but H&H will work with you to create the best signage and products possible to convey your story effectively and consistently. One thing to remember is that your booth and exhibit design should be honest—you want to be able to connect with your audience and pull them in to learn more. Telling your brand’s story can be as simple as a logo and slogan, or it can be more elaborate and tell the history of your company. The visuals you create are what attract people walking by your trade show display, but it’s your brand story that will engage them.

Make It Interactive

Having passive displays during a trade show exhibit is effective, but engaging an audience with interactive booth design is even better. Now, this doesn’t just mean creating a video or having samples of products lying out—it can also mean creating activities for people to participate in (aka engagement marketing).

If you’ve ever been to a trade show as an attendee, you likely collected a lot of giveaways and pamphlets while walking through the convention hall. You also probably entered to win prizes or played games in an attempt to win a better handout (like a t-shirt, for example). Even if you just wanted a t-shirt, you likely remember the name of the company and what their brand was about—and you can do the same for your business! Exposure is important for your brand, so get creative and think of something interactive you can add to your booth design.

Keep the Message Above Waist Height

Have you ever been looking for something in your house, but you forgot to look above or below you? We’re all guilty of it, but unless something is within direct eyesight, we often tend to overlook it. This is a good concept to remember when planning out your trade show display.

Most of the time, people walking by aren’t going to look at what’s on the front of your tablecloth because they’re either too distracted by what’s at eye-height or they can’t see it because of other people walking around. While it’s important that you still have your logo and brand colors on point for all of your display elements, you want to make sure your main message is displayed above the waist, approximately 3 to 4 feet from the ground. People should be able to see what your business is from a distance without having to wade through a sea of people.

Be Intentional About White Space

Adding more colors to your exhibit design does not mean it’s going to stand out more. In fact, adding too many colors can make your booth stand out for all of the wrong reasons. White space can be your best friend when you’re designing your trade show display, so don’t be afraid of it. Covering an entire surface with photos can be overwhelming for people to look at, but with smart design, you can draw people in with a simple glance. White space can help your design breathe and give wandering eyes a break from bold colors. Just remember: don’t overdesign and keep your display simple without being boring—people will thank you for it in the long run.

Lancaster Cupcake sign

Use a Choice Number of Bright/Bold Colors

While this may seem like the opposite of the advice we just gave, using bright/bold colors in the right ways can be effective when balanced with proper white space.

Depending on your brand, using cool colors can have a more calming and professional vibe. At the same time, using brighter and warmer colors can be more eye-catching, but can also be too overwhelming if used in excess. Whatever colors you go with, you’ll want your business to stand out, so try to avoid too many neutral or muted color tones.

Don’t Skimp on Image Resolution

With smartphones everywhere you look nowadays, most people assume that the photos they take on their phone are going to be good enough for their trade show displays. While the quality of most cell phone photos is fairly decent, it’s very likely that the resolution (or image size) is going to be way too small for your large exhibit design. H&H can help you determine the specifications for whatever you plan on designing, but we also highly recommend using professional quality photographs for your display. You want the images and graphics on your booth to look clean and crisp from a distance and up close, so make sure you have a professional designer to help ensure nothing gets pixelated, stretched, or distorted on your display.

No matter what your next event is, H&H wants to help elevate your business and its trade show displays to the next level. With fast turnaround times and nothing but the highest quality work, our team always strives to make projects succeed. Start a conversation with us today and we’ll see if we’re the right fit for your business needs!

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