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Are you ready to amplify your brand and create a fantastic customer experience across every possible digital and traditional marketing channel? Discover integrated marketing services from The H&H Group.

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What is Integrated Marketing?

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Sometimes also referred to as omnichannel or multichannel marketing, integrated marketing involves utilizing a variety of tactics and platforms to reach your current and prospective customers with your brand message. Your integrated marketing campaign might launch on both digital channels—like social media and your business’s website—and traditional channels, including in-store signage and direct mail. But one thing is for sure—you will gain the best results from your efforts when you have a robust integrated marketing strategy in place.

That’s where The H&H Group comes in—with comprehensive integrated marketing services that help you hone key factors like who your target audience is and what kind of brand experience they’re looking for—so you can meet them where they are!

The H&H Group Makes Integrated Marketing Work for You

As an experienced integrated marketing agency in the Lancaster area, we are here to help businesses in Central PA and beyond deliver compelling messaging through a variety of marketing channels. We present you with integrated marketing strategies that are proven to raise your visibility, and that you can actually put into practice.

Get to know our capabilities with direct mail and event marketing, as well as promotional products, corporate apparel, print marketing, and signage!

Want the details?

Our integrated marketing campaigns ensure all of your messaging is carefully crafted to work together in harmony!

What The H&H Group Does Better As Your Local Integrated Marketing Agency

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Direct Mail

One of the most powerful things about how print marketing—and especially direct mail—has evolved in recent years is the fact that it can work in tandem with your digital marketing campaigns. If you’re not considering this cornerstone of integrated marketing services, you’re missing out!

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Don’t have the time or workforce to print or ship your products or promotional materials but still need to create a fantastic customer experience? The H&H Group can help develop a customized integrated marketing strategy that includes professional fulfillment services that make your business look great.

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Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA


Did you know that both interior and exterior signs are critical to your business’s success with branding and integrated marketing strategies? Signs need to be expertly designed, installed, and maintained to be effective, or they could drive your target audience away. Let The H&H Group help!

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Promotional Products

Creating a memorable brand experience often means giving customers something they can remember you by, whether they visit your tradeshow booth, showroom, or office. Discover how sharing your brand message and identity with appealing promotional products is a significant part of integrated marketing.

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Clients We've Helped with Integrated Marketing and More

U-GRO Lounge


The Challenge: U-Gro, a leading preschool learning center, was expanding its facility. They wanted to create an exciting environment for the new space and freshen up their existing space.

Our Solution: We worked with U-Gro’s internal directors and a third-party design firm to create cohesive, one-of-a-kind graphics that would unify spaces throughout the facility and appeal to kids, staff, and parents.

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Printing, Signs and Mailing - Lancaster, PA

LOA – Lancaster Orthodontic Associates

here’s no question–your logo and graphics define your brand. In collaboration with other local design teams, we helped our friends at LOA incorporate a happy smile into their brand identity to be the visual representation of orthodontics done right.

Today, their highly recognizable logo can be seen on billboards and buildings, as well as on sponsorship materials for a lot of wonderful community organizations. Discover more about our capabilities in driving brand awareness and shaping the customer experience in all the right ways!

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Lancaster in the 1860's display


The Challenge: LancasterHistory, our local historical society and museum, was looking to change things up with a new exhibit. They wanted something visually stimulating and exciting—a redesigned space that would appeal to adults and kids alike.

Our Solution: We wove together words and artifacts to create an overall design that captures the essence of each era covered in the show. We took inspiration from the bright colors in the exhibit logo and worked them into vinyl wall coverings, hanging fabric banners, acrylic signage, free-standing displays, and so much more.

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